This committee is responsible for producing and maintaining the club website, and the club Facebook page; for producing a weekly email meeting reminder/announcement message; taking photos of new member inductions, club speakers, club service events, induction of new officers, award presentations, and other events; producing informational/promotional materials and leaflets; producing press releases for local media and to the MN DAK District.

This committee facilitates the major fundraising efforts of the club. Proceeds from these fundraisers go towards supporting Kiwanis sponsored programs and community donations. Periodically, special fundraisers will be held for special projects such as the Kiwanis Playground Initiative.

This committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining club members, induction of new members, and communicating club events and club information. Recommending new members to the Board of Directors for review and approval. New member induction.

This committee is responsible for weekly club meetings. This includes setting up the schedule of program chairs and greeters, ensuring that there is a speaker scheduled for each meeting (except for Board of Directors meetings)